What to do and How to play

Getting Started

It's best to arrive at the club no later than 15 minutes before the session is about to start. This gives you time to find a seat and get comfortable.

Once in the club you'll need to buy your books and any separate tickets you want to play. You can choose to play on paper books or on our electronic terminals. Our friendly staff will help you choose and let you know exactly how much things cost.

If you choose to play on paper books these are normally sold in sets of six. This means that you will have all the numbers that the caller announces spread across your strip of six tickets.

There's plenty to keep you entertained before the main session starts, whether you fancy your chances on the fruit machines, try your luck with Cash Bingo or simply want to enjoy our delicious food and drink.

Playing and Winning

This is the fun part! The caller will let you know what ticket is in play. As the caller announces the numbers you mark them off. Numbers on the tickets are arranged in columns with smaller numbers on the left. When you've got a line, two lines or a full house (all three lines) depending on what the caller's asked for - put up your hand and shout out 'bingo', 'house' or whatever takes your fancy. The golden rule of bingo is that the last number called must be on a winning ticket so remember to call clearly as soon as your numbers are up!

Click here for a standard strip of six tickets.

One Line, Two Lines and a Full House - these are the usual games played giving you three chances to win prize money on each page of a bingo ticket.

One line

Two lines

Full house

Sometimes games (like the National) are played just for the Full House.

Once you've called your numbers will be checked and if you've got a winning claim then get ready to receive your prize money. All it takes to be a winner is a pen and a little luck!

Bingo Lingo

There's no 'Kelly's Eye' or 'Two Little Ducks' but some bingo language may be unfamiliar so here's a quick guide to a few terms we use.

Books - bingo tickets are sold in books that form a session. Some games like the Link and the National are played on separate single tickets.

Link game - a game played with other bingo clubs for bigger prize money.

National game - played every session with an in-house prize and a National Jackpot of up to £50,000!

Electronic Bingo - You may fancy playing on one of our electronic boards. These are more expensive as they include more tickets. The electronic boards mark off the numbers for you as soon as you tap the screen. Just watch when you are nearing a win and be ready to shout loud and quickly so that the caller can hear you and stop the game.

Cash Bingo - Cash Bingo is played before our main book games and during intervals. Instead of marking off paper tickets you play with a plastic 'shutter-board' found at each table (or on your electronic board). Our callers will announce the price of play and the prize money. It's a good way to practice and costs as little as 20p a game.