Astoria Bingo | Terms & Conditions

All Customers must accept and agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. The Terms & Conditions are deemed to include the Rules of Playing Bingo and any applicable Specific Game Rules. These Terms & Conditions replace the previous Club Rules and may be amended by Astoria Bingo from time to time.

1. Our premises are owned by Astoria Bingo Club Limited (‘Astoria Bingo’ ‘the Company’ ‘we’ or ‘our’) a company incorporated in England and Wales under company number 316849 with the registered office at Holderness Road, Hull HU8 9AN and are known as Astoria Bingo Club.
2. The Company is fully committed to upholding the licensing objectives of the Gambling Act 2005, these being to keep gaming fair and crime free and to protect the young and vulnerable. The Company is similarly committed to operating its premises within the regulatory framework.
3. Customers must be over 18 years of age. We will not allow anybody to enter and use these premises unless they can prove to our reasonable satisfaction that they are over the age of 18.
4. Astoria Bingo reserve the right to refuse admission, reject any application for membership and to terminate the membership of any customer at any time without giving a reason.
5. A membership card will be issued to each accepted applicant. Membership cards are not transferable and must be produced on entering the club, to claim all winnings and at any other time required.
6. No gaming, other than lawful gaming authorised by the Company, may be carried on at the club premises.
7. Where gaming is carried out at the club premises it will be conducted on such days and at such times and in such manner as Astoria Bingo determines. The days and time and manner of play so determined shall be prominently displayed in the premises.
8. Astoria Bingo will determine the admission and such other charges to take part in gaming in accordance with the regulations made under the Gambling Act 2005.
9. All games of bingo played on the premises of the Club shall be conducted in accordance with the appropriate Rules of Play for that game for the time being in force.
10. The Company may delegate the management and running of the club to such of their officers as they deem fit, and such delegation shall confer all the powers of the Company expressed or implied in these Terms & Conditions on such officers.
11. Astoria Bingo, its officers and agents shall not be liable to any customer for any loss, damage or injury suffered by them or to their property, save where caused by negligence on the part of Astoria Bingo.
12. Whilst the Company will take every reasonable precaution to ensure all games are played and prizes allotted in accordance with the Rules of Playing Bingo, participants in the game do so on the express understanding that the Company and his officers are not held responsible if results and/or prizes are affected by the failure of equipment, the misprinting or incorrect provision of tickets, failure of employees or other staff to perform duties or the actions whether improper or otherwise of third parties. On any such occurrence, the decision of the Company is to be binding upon the participants notwithstanding any statement or statements made by his officers either prior to or subsequent to the decision of the Company. In the event of such occurrence happening all prizes awarded are subject to re-scrutiny and any participant who received a prize undertakes to refund it if, in the opinion of the Company, it has been incorrectly awarded.
13. Customers may be required to provide an acceptable form of identification before any large prize money payments are made.
14. In the case of any gaming related dispute, the Customer should raise the matter with the Duty Manager. If the Customer is still unhappy with the decision the matter can be escalated under the Company’s dispute procedure.
15. In the event of any occurrence that significantly impacts upon anticipated Customer attendance, any announcements or advertisements for guaranteed prize money, promotions or special offers may be withdrawn prior to the relevant session commencing.
16. The use of cameras or other devices for taking photographs/videos (such as mobile phones) may not be used by Customers inside Astoria Bingo without the permission of management.
17. By entering Astoria Bingo premises you accept that you may be included in photography/filming authorised by Astoria Bingo. Astoria Bingo owns all rights to such images and video and shall be entitled to use the same for the purpose of promoting Astoria Bingo and any other commercial activity. In such circumstances, Customers will not be entitled to any form of compensation, acknowledgement or payment.